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Jumat, 26 Agustus 2011

Giant fish on the Polish-Ukrainian border

On the border between Poland and Ukraine, "wound up" giant green fish ... Their creator, the Polish artist Jaroslaw Kozyara wanted to show the symbolism of the border between the states.

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(Total 7 photos)

pb 110823 land art project eg.photoblog900 800x533 Гигантские рыбы на польско украинской границе

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pb 110823 land art project eg 02.photoblog900 Гигантские рыбы на польско украинской границе

1. Polish-Ukrainian border near the towns Varyazh and Settlement in the fields appeared green fish.

pb 110823 land art project eg.photoblog900 Гигантские рыбы на польско украинской границе

2. The fish were created by sowing different kinds of plants in the border fields.

263782 244476192244711 153850617973936 923311 2160333 n Гигантские рыбы на польско украинской границе

3. That's how the fish looked like before they came up green.

267652 244477108911286 153850617973936 923329 5540042 n Гигантские рыбы на польско украинской границе


267919 244476878911309 153850617973936 923324 3866224 n Гигантские рыбы на польско украинской границе

5. This green installation - a project of the Polish artist Jaroslaw Kozyara.

269146 244476322244698 153850617973936 923313 2668209 n Гигантские рыбы на польско украинской границе

6. Giant fish were created during the festival Land Art.

269568 244476668911330 153850617973936 923319 4264214 n Гигантские рыбы на польско украинской границе

7. In contrast to Poland, Ukraine is not part of the Schengen zone, so the Polish-Ukrainian border is separated from the Free Europe, its eastern neighbors.

269754 244476938911303 153850617973936 923326 7693310 n Гигантские рыбы на польско украинской границе

8. The purpose of this installation, according to the author, is to show that the nature and culture are beyond the boundaries established by man.


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