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Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

The royal family in uniform war

Prince William received his first military official - became a colonel of Irish Guards. Prince has long interested in the way of life and the peculiarities of life in the army. Let's look at the royal family in uniform.

1. The photograph of Prince William at the time of awarding the sailors of the Royal Naval Base Clyde in Scotland, October 28, 2010.

2. Prince William in helicopter cockpit Sea King September 3, 2010 after a successful flight.

3. His Royal Highness Prince Harry - Lieutenant of the Royal Guard of Her Majesty in Wales next to Chelsea Davy.May 2008.

4. HRH Prince Harry during a trip to Afghanistan in 2008.

5. Prince Charles also has a number of military titles and ranks.

6. ... Including the honorary rank of commander Mercian Regiment.

7. ... And an honorary Commander of the Royal Guard in Wales.

8. Earl of Wessex (Prince Edward) was promoted to honorary colonel of the Royal Guard yeoman in Wessex.

9. ... And the Colonel's second armed battalion.

10. Sophia, Countess of Wessex, salutes during a visit to the Lincoln Battalion End Welland, where she is listed in chief.

11. Duke Edingburgsky bears the title Admiral of Her Majesty.

12. Camilla, Duchess of Cornell, the fourth by a uniformed armed battalion. She wears the rank of colonel of the battalion.

13. Camilla, Duchess of Cornell, during his visit to the fourth armed battalion.

14. Princess Anne has received the rank of colonel of the Royal Guard of Her Majesty.

15. ... And the company commander of hussars of Her Majesty.

16. The Duke of York in Portland during the course of piloting the helicopter before the trip to the Falkland during the armed conflict in 1982.

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