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Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

Modern Snipers in Afghanistan war

Sniper - a specially selected, trained and prepared for self-initiatives of the soldier, marksman, able to skillfully operate in a combat situation. The task of the sniper - the destruction of important and dangerous targets appear for a short time, patience, decided to choose the right moment to hit them for sure. The Art of the sniper is to find their own purpose, to assess its importance and hit one shot.

1. L96 sniper rifle with cartridges of 7.62 mm.

2. Through sight sniper rifle seen two bodies Taliban killed one sniper bullet Mark Osmond.

3. Soldiers from the sniper unit "4 rifles," examining the bodies of two Taliban were killed with a single bullet.

4. Villagers Gorup Shlesh Kalay come to collect the bodies of those killed.

5. Counting the dead by snipers Potter and Osmond on a military base Shamal Storray.

6. Rifle L96, of which Osmond has killed two people with a single bullet. On the butt of his rifle, he wrote 'I love U 0166' (I Love You, 0166).

7. Spoils of War: Osmond (left) and Harry posing for a fake model of Honda motorcycle made in Iran, which were killed by one bullet, two Taliban.

8. The position at which two Taliban were killed by a bullet.

9. Through sight sniper armed Taliban soldiers were seen in Helmand, 2009.

10. Potter (left) and leave the military base Osmond Shamal Storray after his operation, two hours after they killed two Taliban.

11. Maj. Sean Birchall (left) and Sergeant Major Andy Campbell.

12. Colonel Rupert Thornell after an improvised explosive device in Helmand.

13. Lt. Mark Evison on his base in Haji Alema.

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