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Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2011

Karen National Liberation Army

Karen National Liberation Army, which is a branch of the Karen National Union, is fighting for an independent state Kotholey (Kawthoolei, «Green Country," another translation - "re-conquest land") in Burmese, Karen State and in other parts of Burma with a large population Karen population.

Began in 1947, the Civil War in Burma as a conflict between the Karen and Burmese is still ongoing. The war waged by both national liberation and for the control and sale of opium production.

(Total 16 Photos)

BIGPIC59 Каренская национально освободительная армия

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karen04 Каренская национально освободительная армия

1. The tension between the Burmese and Karenni has deep roots. Even during the Second World War, the Burma Independence Army (English Burma Independence Army - BIA), had supported the Japanese Army, distinguished such brutality against supporters of the British among the Karen, which had to intervene Japanese commander, Colonel Suzuki Keiji BIA

In the photo: Sniper 101st Battalion PLA army in position on the front line, under the control of the PLA near the Thai-Burmese border.

karen05 Каренская национально освободительная армия

2. During the declaration of independence from the British in Burma in 1948 there was considerable tension between Karen and the new authorities of the country, as well as within the Karen community.

In the picture: Soldiers of the rebel army and the PLA DBAK prepare for battle in the camp of the rebels near the Thai-Burmese border.

karen06 Каренская национально освободительная армия

3. Some of the Karens sought independence, promised to them by the British for help in repelling the Japanese aggression, while others tried to co-exist within the borders of Burma.

karen07 Каренская национально освободительная армия

4. To this were added, and religious issues. While Burmese are Buddhists, among the Karens are many Christians.

In the photo: Rebels in the fifth brigade of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DBAK) inside the truck into the camp of militants near the Thai-Burma border.

karen08 Каренская национально освободительная армия

5. In early 1949 of the socialist political militia formed by the central government began to suppress unrest in areas inhabited by Karens.

In the photo: The mortars, which are used by the rebels.

karen09 Каренская национально освободительная армия

6. Then Army Chief of Staff Gen. Dan Smith, an ethnic Karen, was dismissed and imprisoned. The new chief of staff was Burmese nationalist Do not Win, who held several command positions in the BIA.

In the picture: Soldiers of the 101st Battalion KNLA on the front.

karen10 Каренская национально освободительная армия

7. After that, Karen National Defence Organisation, established in July 1947, rose in revolt, joined by many Karens who served in the army. Thus began the civil war that has not ended yet.

In the picture: Adolescents soldiers of Battalion 101 KNLA at his post on the front line near the Thai-Burma border.

karen11 Каренская национально освободительная армия

8. At the beginning of hostilities, the troops were able to invade Karen in northern Burma, and even gain a foothold in Insein, 9 km from Rangoon.

karen12 Каренская национально освободительная армия

9. After a 112-day siege at the end of May Karens were forced to retreat from the capital of Burma.

In the photo: This rebel KNLA lost his leg, stepped on a mine, when performed in a jungle patrol.

karen13 Каренская национально освободительная армия

10. In the photo: soldier from the Army in Burma Students' Democratic Front (ABSDF) blind after the blast landmine in the jungle.

karen14 Каренская национально освободительная армия

11. KNLA was krupneyshney group leading the fight against the military dictatorship in Burma. In the 1970s and 80s KNLA numbered over 20 thousand combatants.

In the photo: Guerrillas spetsbatalona from headquarters KNLA patrol the villages within the territory in the south of Burma, under the control of insurgents.

karen15 Каренская национально освободительная армия

12. In the 90 power Karen armed forces had been undermined by several severe defeats inflicted by the troops of the central government of Burma. The situation was complicated by a conflict within KNLA, because of which in 1994-95, the Buddhist minority formed a group called the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army and joined the military junta.

In the photo: Partizan from the headquarters of the Karenni National Liberation Army demonstrates its weapons. He is the head of one of the organizations providing arms to rebels.

karen16 Каренская национально освободительная армия

13. It is believed that this split has led to a drop in the CND staff Maneplo in January 1995. In addition, the changed attitude of the authorities of neighboring Thailand, which have ceased to provide support for the KNU and KNLA.

In the photo: teenage soldiers of the 101st Battalion, Karen National Liberation Army in his post on the front line near the Thai-Burmese border.

karen03 Каренская национально освободительная армия

14. Declined in popularity among the Karen guerrillas and tired of years of war. As a result, by 2006 the number had fallen to KNLA less than 4000 fighters.

karen01 Каренская национально освободительная армия

15. Karen National Liberation Army has been accused of recruiting soldiers among minors.

In the photo: Children belonging to ethnic minority Karen are in a bamboo hut, while the soldiers spetsbatalona guerrilla army PLA rest.

karen02 Каренская национально освободительная армия

16. The Civil War in Burma are reflected in the film Rambo 4, which, though not a serious and reliable source, but gives an idea of ​​the situation in the country, where since 1947 the year the war continues.

In the picture: Soldiers of the battalion of partisan special tattoo made in the headquarters of the Karen National Liberation Army.

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